Best Young Student Film

Best Young Student Animated Film
Lilly Hits the Road

Best Western New York Young Student Film
The Wright Kids: A Boy Named Sue

Best Animated Short

Best Micro Short
Paul’s Bad Day

Best North American Short
The Tin Wife

Best International Short

Best Western New York Short
Tales of Darkened Light: A Friendly Wager

Best Short Feature
Tangent Room

Best Documentary Short Feature
Pieced Together

Best Family Short Feature
Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hotdog Kid

Best Actor
Ford Austin
Six Pack Sam

Best Actress
Nina Kiri
The Heretics

Best Action Feature

Best Science Fiction Feature

Best Animated Feature
Special Achievement in Cinema
Borley Rectory

Best Comedy Feature
666 P.M.

Best Documentary Feature
Diffability Hollywood

Best Foreign Drama Feature

Best Experimental Feature
Mickey Reece’s Alien

Best International Feature
You Go To My Head

Best Family Feature
Thrill Ride

Best Fantasy Feature
The Gatehouse

Best Horror Feature
Buckout Road

Best International Horror Feature

Best Micro-Budget Feature
3 Dead Trick or Treaters

Best Retro Feature
Get My Gun

Best Thriller Feature

Best WTF Feature
The Song of Solomon

Best Screenplay
Matthew Currie Holmes
Buckout Road

Best Director
Chad Archibald
The Heretics

Local Hero
Keith Lukowski

Filmmaker to Watch
Sebastien Godin

Filmmaker to Watch
Kristina Nomeika

Best of the Fest
The Heretics

Filmmaker of the Year
Adrian Esposito

Lois Weber Award
Devi Snively

Living Legend Award
Fred Olen Ray

Dedication to Excellence in Filmmaking
Jon Keeyes

Indie Genre Spirit Award
Christopher Olen Ray