“I believe the film industry is about stories, is about creativity, is about ideas, about originality, about never stoping to film stuff and generate stuff, is about public relations, is about learning, is about many things… but, above all things, this industry is about loyalty. Is about building a family and then staying close to your family. Buffalo Dreams has supported my career from the beginning (when they played my short film NASTY STUFF and showed it to a good amount of people). This festival has always supported my career and thats why its an honor to be there whenever I can. Also, I don´t mean to say like I´m only coming back because I owe some loyalty to the festival, its not like that, its also because I really enjoy coming here, I believe Greg and Chris have done an awesome job with the festival, I love to be a part of this family and see it growing and growing it year, and the audience is amazing, I like how they react to my work and to pretty much everything. The audience in Buffalo is like one big family, I love how they all work together and support each other films, its like a small scale of what the industry should be like. Crazy, awesome people. Great festival.”


“I submitted THE SHOWER (since retitled KILLER PARTY by our distributor) to Buffalo Dreams thanks to the recommendation of UK filmmaker Simon Pearce. It was great advice and I’m so thankful that we were accepted. Greg and Chris have built a filmmaker and fan-friendy festival with features and shorts from all over the world. Buffalo Dreams is a vital part of the Western New York arts community and we had a great crowd for our screening, followed by a fun and engaging Q&A. One of my favorite aspects of the festival is that I got to meet and spend time with other attending filmmakers: Isaac Ezban, Ryan Bellgardt and Josh McKamie, Rafael DeLeon, Lynne Hansen and Jeff Strand. We shared stories, bonded, and ate lots of wings and beef on weck (Well, I ate a lot of wings and beef on weck.) Buffalo Dreams has everything a filmmaker could want in a festival: a great venue, supportive audience, strong leadership, and the opportunity to meet filmmakers and learn from each other. In many ways, it’s a year-round festival because the Buffalo Dreams network is so strong and active. Truly a gift for independent filmmakers.”

Alex Drummond Writer/Director/Producer – KILLER PARTY

“Buffalo Dreams has received a lot of kind words from everyone and I can´t tell anything different, I just wish I could have attended the festival in person. But there´s something additional that I have not seen before in this quality elsewhere in the world of festivals – this festival is so beloved by genre-fans from the region and internationally, that it does not only attract the regular audiences watching our films, it heavily attracts the super-enthusiastic film bloggers that actually REVIEW the films – with a lot of time, passion and energy! This says so much for the quality of the festival , the great community around it and how non-festival-team-members people participate – just purely awesome! Thank you so much Gregory and Chris for having selected, screened and awarded us – once I get a next movie together I´ll definitely hop in a plane to be there in person!”

Steffen Hacker

“Greg and Chris, whom run the film festival, are truly dedicated individuals to showcasing and catering to filmmakers. They really care about the filmmakers and do their absolute best to get your film in front of an enthusiastic audience. Also, the Q&A conducted by Greg was among the best I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in. If you have a chance to come to this festival, you’ll experience the love for film and artistry that I am expressing.”

Joe Blodgett

“One of the premier and unique film festival events in the Western New York region. Enjoy an eclectic array of films in horror, science fiction, and other favorite film genres. Includes a Family Day with kid’s favorites and an impressive number of short films. Great networking event for filmmakers. Don’t miss it.”

Sabrina Peña Young

“Buffalo Dreams is emblematic of the enterprising spirit, innovative thinking, and dogged determination now driving the region’s renaissance, and the diversity of voices–especially those outside mainstream media–reflects the rich, multicultural mosaic of Buffalo’s communities.”

Scott R. Sackett, Producer – SUGAR WONDER BLUES

“Buffalo Dreams has become a staple in the Black Fawn festival selection. We have shown two films there in recent years and look forward to showing more movies in the Buffalo area for years to come. Its true genre fans that attend Buffalo Dreams, and we can’t wait for next years fest!”

Christopher Giroux, Black Fawn Films Producer of THE DROWNSMAN / BITE

“Buffalo Dreams is one of my favorite festivals to go to. The coordinators and the audience is amazing and ao welcoming. Not to mention, they showcase some kick-a** genre films that other festivals are afraid to show.”

Nick Pusic

“Having the first episode of my series, SEGMENTS OF JONAH, screened at Buffalo Dreams was not only one of the most special times of my life, but also one of the greatest honors. Chris and Greg went out of the way to make my trip worthwhile, promoting my film, providing feedback, and offering encouragement for my future work. I’ll never forget Buffalo Dreams 2015 and hope that I am fortunate enough to be a part of another year’s festival… Thanks guys!!!”

Tommy Graef Writer-Director – SEGMENTS OF JONAH

“I had the privilege of screening my feature at Buffalo Dreams and I’m wildly happy to have been a part of it. Greg and Chris not only screen fun films, but they truly do go above and beyond to make sure each film gets attention. The audiences I saw were film-lovers who actively seek out fun fresh films. If you have the opportunity to submit – you should. Great Fest!”

Mike McCutchen

“Of all the festivals I’ve attended as a filmmaker over the last sixteen years, Buffalo Dreams is by far one of my favorites. Besides the incredibly friendly promoters and staff, they screen top notch, entertaining movies. I recommend Buffalo Dreams to every filmmaker and movie lover I meet.”


“I love and support buffalo dreams!”

Korey Green – THE ROMANS

“I had the privilege of screening my feature at Buffalo Dreams and I’m wildly happy to have been a part of it. Greg and Chris not only screen fun films, but they truly do go above and beyond to make sure each film gets attention. The audiences I saw were film-lovers who actively seek out fun fresh films. If you have the opportunity to submit – you should. Great Fest!”

Mike McCutchen

“Buffalo Dreams was a fantastic festival experience. I traveled there from the UK in 2013 with my horror movie “Judas Ghost” and the team made me feel very welcome. Not only was it a great screening but they made an effort to show me the town and ensure I had a great stay beyond just the festival. Lots of opportunities to meet and hang out with other film-makers and a huge range of films to see. I’d definitely recommend a visit. This is definitely a festival that cares about the film-makers.”

Simon Pearce – Director – JUDAS GHOST

“Screening my feature CRUSHED at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival was such a great experience. Presenting a genre film to a theatre full of die hard genre lovers is the perfect way to screen! Buffalo Dreams truly packs a punch for its size and I highly recommend it as a festival to put on any filmmakers list.”

Megan Riakos Writer-Director – CRUSHED

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