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Unproduced Screenplay Finalists
For the Devil Remains by Ryan M Andrews
The Housesitter by Suju Vijayan and David Palamaro
Jimmy the Freak by Mark Steensland and Charles Colycott
Remote by Marc Roussel
The Resident by Mike Gerbino and Zahra Zubaidi


Best of the Fest: Every film is eligible!

Outstanding Horror Feature
Echoes of Fear
Exit 0

Outstanding Science Fiction Feature
Lake Artifact
The Tangle

Outstanding Action Feature
Haven’s End
The Mongolian Connection
The Tangle

Outstanding Thriller Feature
The Final Interview
The Final Ride
Haven’s End
Lake Artifact

Outstanding Off Beat Cinema Feature
After the Lethargy
Animal Among Us
Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (Outstanding Comedy Feature)
Catcher in the Rye with Diamonds (Outstanding Western New York Feature)
Vortex (Outstanding WTF Feature)

Outstanding International Feature
After the Lethargy (Spain)
House of Beasts (Spain)
Nefarious (UK)
Vortex (France)

Outstanding Family Feature
Farm Days
Max Topas: The Book of the Crystal Children

Outstanding Micro Budget Feature
Animal Among Us
Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
Echoes of Fear
The Final Interview
Lake Artifact

Outstanding Documentary
500+ Ride of a Lifetime
Asheng (Iran)
My Body Is Not a Weapon
Mysteries of the Lake (Iran)
Reed Unbound: The Joel M. Reed Story

Outstanding Director
Brian Avenet-Bradley, Laurence Avenet-Bradley, Echoes of Fear
Isaac Ezban, Parallel
Larry Fessenden, Depraved
Ryan Moser, Farm Days
Tony Dean Smith, Volition
Drew Thomas, The Mongolian Connection
Fred Vogel, The Final Interview

Outstanding Screenplay
E.B. Hughes, Exit 0
Larry Fessenden, Depraved
Scott Blaszak, Parallel
Tony Dean Smith and Ryan W. Smith, Volition
Christopher Soren Kelly, The Tangle
Caleb Monroe and Drew Thomas, The Mongolian Connection
Rebecca Swan, The Final Interview

Outstanding Male Performer
Alex Breaux, Depraved
Gabe Fazio, Exit 0
Grainger Hines, The Final Interview
Christopher Soren Kelly, The Tangle
Kaiwi Lyman, The Mongolian Connection
Damien A. Maruscak,The Final Interview
Adrian Glynn McMorran, Volition

Outstanding Female Performer
Barbara Crampton, Reborn
Augie Duke, Exit 0
Jessica Graham, The Tangle
Georgia King, Parallel
Nadia Lamin, Nefarious
Ana Shields, Lake Artifact
Catherine Taber, Haven’s End

Outstanding Short Feature
The Avant Gardner
A Gunman’s Curse
The Hand
The Night Hunter
The Quick and Dirty

Outstanding Short
In the Mind’s Eye
Pleased to Eat You (UK)
Synthetic Love (Ukraine)
Your Last Day on Earth (Spain)

Outstanding WNY Short
Eyes Like Mine
I Saw Red
Last Trip
Mirror Mirror
Murder Creek

Outstanding Animated Short
5th and Main
Anna (Kidnapper), (Japan)
Starvation (Iran)
Tangle (Iran)

Outstanding Micro-Short
Boys Club (Australia)
Culprit (Taiwan)
Creaker (Norway)
Highway Tea
Nemesis (Iran)

Outstanding Western New York Micro-Short
Land of the Three Drink Minimum
To Have and to Hold

Outstanding Student Film
Flytap    (animated)
The Stain (Iran)
A Time Before Forever
Nausea (Iran)
Eternity (Netherlands)
Pastrami Sandwich (WNY)

Special Awards
Filmmaker of the Year – Greg Sterlace
Lois Weber Award – Sabrina Pena Young
Indie Genre Spirit Award – Fred Vogel 

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