Fri Nov. 5th – 11th 2021

Dipson Eastern Hills Cinema
4545 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

Admission: $10.00 per screening per adult/$7 for seniors, students, military ID
All Festival Pass: $70 at the box office
Day Pass: $20 at the box office


High School Zoomcical Movie Poster


Block 1: US & Canadian Shorts (2 hrs)

  • Eight amazing short films from the US & Canada.
  • High School Zoomsical (US, comedy, musical, 12) View Trailer
  • OverKill (USA, 14)
  • Cutter (USA, 16)
  • Lucid (Canada, 17)
  • Anarchy Funhouse 1 (10)
  • Lakeland (US, 13)
  • Treats (US, 17)
  • You’re Family Now (US, 20)


Block 2: Pawns’ Volition (US, Thriller, 87 mins)

After a botched robbery, four brothers find themselves in a standoff within the home of two estranged lovers. Preceded by two short films, House Hunting (US, 7) and Siphon (US, 6). View Trailer

Fear no Evil Movie Poster


Block 3: Fear No Evil (US, Horror, 100 mins)

Special 40th anniversary screening of Frank LaLoggia’s Antichrist chiller, filmed in Rochester! The first horror film made in western New York. Preceded by the short film God Help Us (US, 11). View Trailer

The Retaliators Movie Poster


Block 4: The Retaliators (US, 97 mins)

An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder. Violence, gore. Local short: Echo Falls (WNY, 18). View Trailer


Clowns in the Woods Movie Poster


Block 5: Clowns in the Woods (WNY, Horror, 91 mins)

When a prank goes horribly wrong and a disabled man is killed, four ghost clowns help him enact revenge. Local film, Q&A with directors Adrian Esposito, Curt Markham. Short film: Square (US, 11). View Trailer

Self Isolated Movie Poster


Block 6: Self Isolated (US, Thriller, 83 mins)

World Premiere: A woman awakens from a coma only to discover she is one of the few survivors of a global pandemic. Q&A with writer-director Chad Ridgely. Short film: $tacks$ directed by Gerald Webb (US, 7). View Trailer

NY Ninja Movie Poster


Block 7: New York Ninja (1984/2021, Action, 93 mins)

Filmed in NYC in 1984 and just completed, this exciting and hilarious martial arts epic features the voices of Don “the Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock. Local short: Kill Martin Scratch (WNY, 22 mins). View Trailer

Mystery Spot Movie Poster


Block 8:  Mystery Spot (US Premiere, 110 mins)

A number of lost souls find refuge in a small motel in the middle of nowhere, near the ruins of a long-dead roadside attraction with strange metaphysical powers. Q&A with director Mel House. Short: No Hunting (NYS, 3 mins). View Trailer


Dark Tales from Channel X Movie Poster


Block 9: Dark Tales from Channel X (NYS, Horror, 75 mins)

Horror anthology with seven short stories. Q&A with directors Manny Serrano and Lindsay Serrano. Local short: The Adjunct (WNY, 21 mins), directed by John Fink. View Trailer

The Last Frankenstein Movie Poster


Block 10: The Last Frankenstein (NYS, Horror, 102 mins)

Dr. Jason Frankenstein, the last of his family, sets down the blood-soaked path to create a living being from the bodies of the dead. Q&A with Director David Weaver. View Trailer

6:15pm – 7:15pm: Awards

Execution Movie Poster


Block 11: Exectution (NYS, 45)

A renegade band of women stages an execution of rapists and killers in a classroom. Director: Stavit Allweis, Short: LOVEHOTEL: The Guide to Japanese Midnight Culture (Japan, 22 mins)

Anonymous Animals Movie Poster


Block 12: WTF/Bizarro

The wildest, weirdest, and most extreme films of the festival, highlighted by Anonymous Animals (France, 64 mins). In a remote countryside, any encounter with the dominant can become hostile. Shorts: Monsieur Satcher (10 mins). Peter the Penuin (12 mins), MeTube: August Sings (12 mins), Horror of the Underworld (J horror anime, 26 mins). View Trailer


Sweet Mary Where Did You Go? Movie Poster


Block 13: International Shorts #1 (1 hr53)

  • Eight amazing short films from around the world.
  • Consume (Argentina, 14)
  • Causi Sui (France, 22)
  • Munkie (New Zealand, 15)
  • Meanwhile at the Abandoned Factory… (New Zealand, 16)
  • Sweet Mary Where Did You Go? (Australia, 16)
  • Polvotron 500 (Spain, 11)
  • Sylvio (France, 14)
  • Argon (Iran, 15)
APP's Movie Poster


Block 14: Apps (Chile, 92 mins)

An APP opens the doors to five stories of mystery and horror in this anthology film.

A Savannah Haunting Movie Poster


Block 15: A Savannah Haunting (US, Horror, 103 mins)

Officer Down (UK, 19 mins) & A Savannah Haunting (US, Horror, 103 mins)
Terrifying! Based on real supernatural phenomena the writer/director and his family experienced in their home in Savannah for decades, this film was shot on location at the actual haunted house. View Trailer

Kamaloca Movie Poster


Block 16: Kamaloca (France, Thriller, 87 mins)

At the same time a chemical explosion shakes Beirut, a group of hackers meet in the Parisian suburbs, plotting to sabotage the system. Directed by Christophe Karabache, who blew us away with VORTEX two years ago. Short: Reverse the Punishment (US, 10 mins). View Trailer



Anomalie Movie Poster


Block 17: International Shorts #2 (113 mins)

  • Seven amazing shorts from around the world.
  • Evolutionary (UK, 15)
  • Deep Cuts (Russian Federation, 8 mins)
  • Smiles (Spain, 14)
  • Sheep Will Devour Us (Iran, 10)
  • Anomalie (France, 26)
  • Q: Ghostly Remote Effect (Germany, 20, student)
  • Echthaar (Austria, 20, student)
Victim of Love


Block 18: Victim of Love (Denmark, Thriller, 95)

Charly searches for his American girlfriend, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a vacation stay at a hotel in Copenhagen. View Trailer.

Terror Trips Movie Poster


Block 19: Terror Trips (US, Horror Thriller. 84 mins)

Six friends who provide guided tours of shooting locations for the world’s most famous horror films  scout a new location for a foreign indie horror film which is more than ‘just a movie.’ Directed by Jeff Seemann. Short: Worth Fighting For (US, 20 mins). View Trailer

The Corruption of Divine Providence


Block 20: The Corruption of Divine Providence (Canada, Horror, 94 mins)

When a 15 year old Stigmatic Metisse is kidnapped from a small French Canadian town three different religious factions vie for control over her upon her eventual return. Directed by Jeremy Torrie. View Trailer



Cram Movie Poster


Block 21: Assorted Shorts


An eclectic mix of four amazing short films.

  • Anarchy Funhouse #2 (NYS, 17 mins)
  • Growing Peace in the Middle East (USA, 13, young student)
  • Erebus (USA, 23, student)
  • 45-minute: Cram (NYS, 44 mins)
Abyssal Spider


Block 22: Abyssal Spider (Taiwan, Horror/Kaiju, 107)

People trapped on a boat are attacked by a gigantic arachnid sea monster – can 2021 get any worse? Director: Joe Chien. Preceded by the short A Darker Place (7 mins). View Trailer

The Joke Valentine Crush Movie Poster


Block 23: The Joke & Valentine Crush (US/WNY,100 mins)

Short features explore the worlds of comedy and roller derby, preceded by the western New York short Strike (10). View Trailer

As I Lie Awake Movie Poster


Block 24: Western New York Shorts (WNY, 84 mins)

10 short films created by local artists. Support local artists! View Trailer

  • Midnight Glitch (NYS/WNY, 3 mins)
  • Roll It (NYS, Music video, 5)
  • Pillow Head (WNY, 15 mins)
  • As I Lay Awake (NYS/WNY, 5 mins)
  • 716 (NYS/WNY, 14 mins)
  • Photolumiscence (NYS, 11)
  • Monster (NYS, 10)
  • Static (NYS, 14)
  • Camping with Rex (NYS, 5)
  • My Mother’s Approval (US, 5 mins)
  • City Eyes (NYS, 11mins)


Vaadll Movie Poster


Block 25: International Shorts #3 (1 hr 57 mins)

Six amazing short films from Australia, Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany and India.

  • A Blaster in the Right Hands (Australia, 19)
  • Escalation (Italy, 15)
  • Human Trash (Spain, 17)
  • House of Fortune (Iran, 16)
  • The Other One (Germany, 27, student)
  • Vaadal (India, 30 mins)
One Last Monster Movie Poster


Block 26: Animated Shorts (92 mins)

  • Nine amazing animated films from Australia, UK, USA, Spain and Iran.
  • Winnie & Veda Meet the Jangler (Australia, 3)
  • Melchoir Strasse (UK, 5)
  • Beach Claw (UK, 4)
  • Justin and the Werloobee (USA, 11)
  • Lilly in the Lab
  • The Odyssey Book 9 (USA, 12)
  • Re-Animal (Spain, 13:07)
  • One Last Monster (USA, 6)
  • Pollution Solution
  • Sky Sun, Tile Sun (Iran, 6)
  • Project M-Verse (USA, 29). View Trailer


Darkness Binds Movie Poster


Block 27: Western New York Short Features

Darkness Binds (WNY, Horror, 71 mins) and Fable of the Hired Guns and the Woman Who Cried Witch (WNY,  Western, 35). Meet the directors! View Trailer 

If She Screams Movie Poster


Block 28: If She Screams (US, Horror, 90)

Kassi’s friend takes her to a marijuana farm in the hills of Northern California, where all hell breaks loose. Q&A with co-director J. Garrett Vorreuter.  Short film: Your Turn directed by Dan Bowhers (NY, 5). View Trailer   

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