Dreamer Award Nominations

Best Horror Feature

Bed of the Dead (Canada)
Blood of the Tribades
Dances with Werewolves
The Dark Tapes
Let Her Out (Canada)
Tonight She Comes

Best Science Fiction Feature

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time
The Tomorrow Paradox

Best Thriller Feature

All the Wrong Friends
Dead Bullet

Best Drama Feature

Game Changers
Two for One

Best Comedy Feature

Attack of the Killer Shrews
Faux Paws
Massacre on Aisle 12
Midnight Delight
Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time
They Want Dick Dickster

Best Western New York Feature

Attack of the Killer Shrews
Game Changers
House on Ghost Hill Road
Six Guys, 6,000 Miles
The Outlaw 666: The Beast

Best International Feature

The Forest (Thailand)
Seizure (UK)
The Night of the Virgin (Spain)

Best Short Feature

Condemned with You All (WNY)
Detective Randy Noir (WNY)
Finish Line
Libertaria (WNY)
Sienna’s Choice
Squatters (WNY)

 Best Short Film

The Backpage
Burnt Popcorn
Caucemar Capitonne
The Fisherman’s Wife
Little Dougie

Best Western New York Short


Best International Short Film

The Frozen Eye
Yo Soy Pedro

Best Director

Jon Abrahams, Two for One
Cody Calahan, Let Her Out
Shaun Chau, Reunion
Ryan Gregory Phillips, Shortwave
Erik Reese, Dead Bullet
Roberto San Sebastian, The Night of the Virgin
Paul Spurrier, The Forest
Matt Stuertz, Tonight She Comes

Best Screenwriter

Sophia Caciola & Michael Epstein, Blood of the Tribades
Shaun Chau & Bert Havird, Reunion
Nic Costa & Rob Taylor, Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time
Mike Ladue & Bruce Wemple, The Tomorrow Paradox
James Morrison, Diverge
Chad Ridgely & A.J. Via, Massacre on Aisle 12
Matt Stuertz, Tonight She Comes
Michael Testone, Two for One

Best Special Make-Up Effects

Bed of the Dead
Creatures of Whitechapel
Dances with Werewolves
Let Her Out
The Night of the Virgin
Tonight She Comes

Best Visual Effects

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time
Reality Check

Best Actor

Jon Abrahams,   Two for One
Javier Bodalo, The Night of the Virgin
Michael Buonomo, Massacre on Aisle 12
Jim Klock, Massacre on Aisle 12
Ryan Munzert, The Tomorrow Paradox
Ivan Sandomire, Diverge
Rob Taylor, Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time
John T. Woods, Dead Bullet

Best Actress

Jenna McDonald, Tonight She Comes
Maria Olsen, Reunion
Dal Nicole, Tonight She Comes
Ruth Reynolds, Reunion
Melissa Saint-Amand, Massacre on Aisle 12
Mickey Sumner, Two for One
Larissa White, Tonight She Comes
Boo Williamson, All the Wrong Friends

Best Western New York Actor

Jake Albarela, Game Changers
Brian Bernys, Game Changers
Jon Cesar, Beyond the Sea
Bill Kennedy, Attack of the Killer Shrews
Tom Malloy, #Screamers
Richard Satterwhite, Edge

Best Western New York Actress

Andrea Andolina, Game Changers
Elizabeth Houlihan, Attack of the Killer Shrews
Laura J. Morlock, Squatters
Mary Marciniak, Renae
Sara Marioles, Game Changers
Cheryl Szymczak, Attack of the Killer Shrews

Best Web Series

Another Day with You
Faux Show
Made in Misojen
Miss Beverly Hills

Best Music Video

The Last Hate Song
Lilac Cornona
Sidereal Hearts

Young Student Filmmaker

Talia Cohen-Vigder, Holiday of Holidays
Elsie Logan, Choices Determine Your Life
Sly Sundown, Sleepover

Local Hero

Chris Cosgrave

Local Service Award

Pat Swinney Kaufman

Best Animated Film

Circuit Sizzle (WNY)
Libertaria (WNY)
Mayur (Singapore)
Time Chicken

Best Micro-Short Film

Dogged ( UK)
Barrio Dos: Pintados (Philippines)
Laserpope (Germany)

Best Western New York Micro-Short Film

Bug Love
Circuit Sizzle
The Undersanta

Best Student Film

Creatures of Whitechapel
The Porter Brothers

Best Western New York Student Film

16 Days
Beyond the Sea
Rose Colored
That’s My Baby                 

Best Western New York Director

Rob Imbs, Game Changers
Ken Cosentino, Attack of the Killer Shrews
Gabriel Simon & Alaa “Zak” Nowheihed, Edge
James Coleman, Vince Coleman, Michael Del Rossa, Squatters
Nathan Mancini, Pastime

 Best Original Screenplay

“The Apocalypse Chronicles” by Nathan Ludwig & Charles Devin Hill
“Escape from Sean Astin vs. Gator Croc” by Tim Pyle
“Love Potion #666” by Nathan Ludwig and Chad Farmer
“The Red Triangle” by Tim Auld
“Wolf Dreams” by Tyler Peck