Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival 2017 Schedule

11 Days, 110 Movies

Dipson Theatres Eastern Hills Cinema

Thursday, Nov. 2nd Kickoff


6:45 pm – Diffability Hollywood (Documentary, WNY, 2 hrs 5 mins) An informative and fascinating look at how Hollywood’s portrayal of people with disabilities has shaped public perception. Q&A with our Filmmaker of the Year, Adrian Esposito. Watch trailer

9:40 pm – The 60 Yard Line (Comedy, US. 1 hr. 38m) Based on a true story: two best friends who buy a house in the parking lot of Lambeau Field (home of the Green Bay Packers) must choose between a football fan lifestyle and a girl. Watch trailer

 Friday, Nov. 3rd

12 pmYou Go To My Head (Thriller, Belgium/France/Germany, 1 hr. 56 mins) Stylish, sophisticated thriller with stunning cinematography. Following a car crash in the desert, a woman with amnesia suspects the man who claims to be her husband is lying. Short: Over the Rails (Drama, US, 13m). Watch trailer

2:30 pmPieced Together (Documentary, 53m) How quilt square tails changed the American landscape and saved Donna Sue Groves’s life after job loss and breast cancer. Q&A with director Julianne Donofrio. Short: Once Upon a November (Fantasy, NYC, 10m) Short: Wait (Fantasy, WNY, 15m).  Watch trailer

4:45 pmTangent Room (Science Fiction, Sweden, 66m) Trapped in a room with only a series of numbers to help them, four scientists race against time to prevent a cosmic collapse. Short: Icarus (Science Fiction, US, 20m) A satellite malfunction leads to a suspenseful rescue mention. Amazing visual effects. Watch trailer

Troma Double Feature – $15

7 pm – Greetings from Tromaville! (Documentary, WNY, 2 hrs) World Premiere! A look at our friend Lloyd Kaufman and the history of Troma Entertainment. Q&A with Filmmaker of the Year Adrian Esposito. Watch trailer

9:30 pm Return to Return to Nuke Em High aka Vol. 2 (85m) East Coast Premiere! Filmed in Niagara Falls. The sequel to the re-boot of the classic 80’s exploitation classic. Video Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, live Introduction by Zac Amaio. Short: Slapface (Horror, US, 8m) Watch trailer

Saturday, Nov. 4th

11:30 am – Buffalo Dreams Family Film Festival presents Thrill Ride (Family Adventure, 87m) A family adventure film ala The Goonies, starring Kristen Johnson (Third Rock from the Sun) and Tim Kazurinsky (SNL). Q&A with writer-director Chris Parish (writer of such TV shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm and The King of Queens). Short: The Wright Kids: A Boy Named Sue (WNY, 14m) Meet the kids! All seats are only $5 for the family blocks. Watch trailer


2:00 pm – Countrycide (Horror, Canada, 70m) A woman with her leg caught in a bear trap fights to survive predators of the four legged and two legged varieties. Q&A with writer-director Brett Kelly. Short: Sleeptalker (Young Student, 10m). Short: Gone (Student, 11m). The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever (Student, 33m) Introduced by author Jeff Strand.  Watch trailer


5 pm – 666 PM (Comedy, US, 82) World Premiere! Haunted house comedy from the team behind last year’s hilarious Massacre on Aisle 12. Q&A with Jim Klock & Chad Ridgely. Short: Bride of Frankie (Comedy, US, 18 m) Q&A with writer-director Devi Snively, first recipient of our Lois Weber Award.
Watch trailer


7:30 pmBuckout Road (Horror, CAN, 97m) New York State Premiere! Danny Glover is among the cast in this first rate cross between Urban Legend and The Omen, centered around a legendary haunted road in Westchester County. Q&A with writer-director Matthew Currie Holmes.
Watch trailer


9:45 pm – Bonehill Road (Horror, US, 1 hr 46m) Film Festival Premiere of cult filmmaker Todd Sheets’s ferocious new werewolf film will have you howling! Not for the squeamish. Short: Ghoulish (Horror, CA, 6 mins) Introduced by Sebastian Godin. Watch trailer


Sunday, Nov. 5th

11:30 am – Buffalo Dreams Family Film Festival presents Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hotdog Kid (Fantasy/Musical, CAN, 63m), A wonderful fantasy musical ideal for younger children. Q&A with director Brandon Lane and producer/star Kimberly Persona. Short: Light Sight (Animated, Iran, 7:34m) Short: Lily Hits the Road (4:51) Short: Human Outbreak (8:09). All seats are just $5 for the family blocks. Watch trailer

1 pm – Western New York Shorts (WNY, 86m) Some of this year’s best locally produced short films. The Pearl of Tia Megdelena (WNY,4m). Tales of Darkened Light: A Friendly Wager (WNY, 20m). No One Has to Know (WNY, 20m, Thriller) Filling In (PA, 22m).

2:45 pm – The Harrowing (Horror/Thriller, US, 125m) A superior and adult horror in which a troubled cop goes undercover in a mental institution to prove the existence of demons. Co-stars Michael Ironside and Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy). , recipient of our Dedication to Excellence in Independent Filmmaking Award, and producer/star Matthew Tompkins. Candyland (Drama, US, 11 mins)  Mean girls, designer jeans, lessons learned on the schoolyard field in 1983. Q&A with writer/co-producer Lisa Wisely & director/co-producer James Felix McKenney. Watch trailer

6:00 – 7:30 Dreamer Awards

Support the arts. Support visiting filmmakers. Support each other! We view our awards presentation as a celebration of independent film, not a competition. Free to the public.

These father-and-son filmmakers among the most prolific in Hollywood, and have helped transform Buffalo-Niagara into an active film production boom town. Join us as we celebrate their past and present with back to back screenings.


8:00 pm – Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (Horror/Comedy, US, 75m) Gunnar Hansen, Linnea Quigley and Michele Bauer star in the camp classic. Q&A with the legendary Fred Olen Ray! Watch trailer

9:45 – Circus Kane (Horror, US, 88m) A reclusive circus master invites a group of social media stars to his house of haunts. Anyone who escapes will earn $250,000 – but soon the stars are fighting for their lives. Gory horror fun. Q&A with director Chris Olen Ray! Watch trailer

Monday, Nov. 6th

12 pm – Palyadawasi (Drama, India, 2 hrs) Powerful and timely political tale based on the hapless Paradhi tribe, which has suffered injustice by police and other elements of society, and one member who becomes a policeman to improve the situation. Watch trailer

2:20 pm – North American Shorts (US and Canada) Some of the year’s best short films from the U.S. and Canada. Monster (3:55). Imbroglio (15m). The Tinwife (27m). The Last Hurrah (18m). Walking Supply (25m).

4:10 pm – Hablar Con Los Muertos (Paranormal, US, 1 hr 37 mins) A family with the ability to communicate with the dead must solve a mystery. From the team that brought us the Krackoon films. Q&A with director Jerry Landi and cast. Short: Es Rever (US, 3m). Short: Metube2 – August sing Carmine Burana (Germany, 5m). Watch trailer

7 pm – Offensive (Revenge Thriller, France, 2 hrs) Exceptional revenge yarn about a retired couple confronting teenage thugs in the French countryside. Think Straw Dogs, only more violent. Starring Russell Floyd and Lisa Eichorn. Watch trailer

9:20 pm – Get My Gun (Revenge Thriller, US, 90m) Amanda is pregnant, jobless, seeking revenge, wearing a nun’s habit, packing heat, and dodging a stalker who wants her unborn child. It’s indie, it’s artsy, and it’s grindhouse. Q&A writer-director Brian Darwas and writer-producer Jennifer Carchietta. Short: Walk of Shame (Drama, US, 15m) starring Ruth Reynolds (Reunion). Watch trailer

Tuesday, Nov. 7th

11:30 amDominika (Fantasy, Russia, 80m) A man with commitment issues finds a baby girl on his doorstep. Every time he becomes angry, the girl ages several years. No trailer available.

1:15 pmNorth American & International Shorts – An assortment of outstanding shorts from all over the world. The Summit (US, 3m). The Eliminadora (20m). Alfred J. Hemlock (Australia, 14m). The Hobbyist (US, 9m). Red Maze (US, 7m). Hada (Spain, 9m). Breaker (CAN, 11m). Banshee (US, 13m).

3:15 pm – Mickey Reece’s Alien – (Experimental, US, 70m) A striking and stylized portrait of Elvis Presley unlike any you’ve ever seen! Short: The Servant (Animated, Iran, 9m). Watch trailer

5 pm – The Darkest (Horror, France, 70m) A terrifying film about a couple camping that utilizes sound and light for maximum suspense. Short: Julkita (Horror, Mexico, 18m) Graphic sexual situations and violence. Outrageous fun, but definitely shocking. Watch trailer

6:45 pm – Blessed Are the Children (Horror, US, 98m) – Scary slasher flick! Surprises and jump scares abound. When a young woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, she finds herself targeted by a mysterious anti-abortion cult. We repeat: terrifying! Watch trailer


8:45 pm – VelociPastor – (Comedy, US, 71m) World Premiere, Q&A with writer-director Brendan Steere (Animosity)! A pastor turns into a dinosaur with martial arts skills. You read that right! Watch trailer

10 min intermission

10:10 pmThe Song of Solomon – (Horror, US, 83m) Stephen Biro’s gory exorcism tale had its world premiere at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival. Starring Jessica Cameron and James Van Bebber. And Satan. Not for the queasy. We warned you! Watch trailer

Wednesday, 11/8

12pm – Trinity – (Drama/Thriller, US, 84m) – Based on a true story. A man accidentally bumps into the priest who abused him when he was a child, sending him on a twisted journey through his past. Q&A wtith writer- director Skip Shea.

1:45 pm – International Shorts – Some of the finest international short films in the world! Zona-84 (15m). Strangers on the Road (Spain, 20m). Go Paul (17m). Near Kepler (Germany, 18m). Rahowa (CAN, 22m)

3:30 pm – One Shot Left  (Action, Germany, 87m) Urban explorers in an abandoned factory happen upon villains with an nefarious scheme and wind up in a fight for their lives. Action packed thriller filmed in one continuous shot! Watch trailer

5:20 pmNorth American & International Shorts – Some of the shorts US, Canadian and International shorts produced. 2AM (Australia, 16m). ChronoCeption (US, 13m). 2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be (CAN, 15m). Einstein-Rosen (9m). Paul’s Bad Day (2m). The Call of Charlie (14m). Black Ring (15m).

7:10 pm – Good Times Never Come – (Drama WNY, 96m) World Premiere, local film! The story of a washed up musician, featuring a local cast. Q&A with director Keith Lukowski and screenwriter Larry Saunders.
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9:30 pm – Six Pack Sam (Crime/Thriller, US, 2 hrs) – World Premiere! If you’re looking for a crazy action-noir-killer-thriller, we have the perfect one for you! Q&A with director Joe McReynolds and star Ford Austin.
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Thursday, 11/9

12 pm – Immortality (Drama, Iran, 2 hrs 25m) A portrait of six different families on a train, told in a single shot without edits, offers insight into the lives of Iranians.

3:20 pmInternational Shorts 2 – Some of the finest shorts from around the world. The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler (Germany, 29m). Acheron (Germany, 14m). An Eldritch Place (Belgium, 17m). Defunctionary (Spain, 18m). Blood Shed (14m)

5:10 pm – Mercy Christmas (Horror Comedy, US, 83m) Who doesn’t love a good holiday horror movie? This one is funny! When Michael Briskett’s new girlfriend has him over to her family’s house for Christmas dinner, he discovers he’s the main course. Watch trailer

7pm – Black Fawn Films’ The Heretics (Horror, Canada, 88m) Filmmaker Q&A. Short: Scraps (Horror, CAN, 11m) by director Christopher Giroux. Smart, stylish and sophisticated horror from the team behind Bite and Let Her Out. A woman recaptured by a cult learns she will become a demon at dawn. Co-hosted by Peter Vullo of Thursday Night Terrors! Watch trailer

9:30 pm – The Outlaw 777: The Death of SIXX (Fantasy, WNY, 48m) Q&A with Aceifer Phoenix. He’s mad, he’s crazy, he’s Ace – and nothing can keep him down, not even a coma! Once again, we close out our run at Eastern Hills Cinema with the latest installment of Aceifer Genovese’s hallucinatory heavy metal fantasy, preceded by four local shorts. Murder Zone (animated, WNY, 5m). Punch Andy (WNY, 6m). In the Death Room (Stephen King adaptation, WNY, 24m). Hunted Pride (Drama, Syracuse, 7m). Watch trailer

Friday, 11/10 – Action


Noon – The Phoenix Incident (Action/Sci-Fi, US, 84m) What at first feels like another faux documentary/found footage film explodes into an action packed battle between humans in the desert and alien hunters, with stunning visual effects. Short: The Pine Tree Villa (animated, 13m). Watch trailer

2:00 – Montrak (Action/Horror, Germany, 2 hrs 2 mins) US Premiere! An epic tale of vampires and vampire hunters which spans centuries in a novelistic five-part structure.   Despite the fangs, this is a maximum action film. Watch trailer

4:20 – Darken (Action/Sci-Fi, CAN, 86m) Following a chance encounter on the street, a young woman finds herself thrust into a violent otherworld where se must fight for her own survival. For fans of the STARGATE shows and urban fantasy novels with strong female protagonists. Possible Q&A with director Audrey Cummings. Fierce (CAN, 15m)

Saturday, Nov. 11th – Canadian Horror

12pm: 3 Dead Trick or Treaters (Horror Anthology, CAN, 74m) One of the most artistic films of the fest, a unique and atmospheric anthology from young filmmaker Torin Langen, who will do a Q&A. Short: Daddy’s Girls (Horror, CAN 7m) Q&A with director Nick Pusic. Short: Mrs. Rafferty’s Red Roses (CAN, 7m). Watch trailer

2:00 The Lone Paddler (Horror, CAN, 85m) US Premiere! Strong production values, stunning wilderness cinematography and solid acting make this our favorite slasher films in years, reminiscent of Just Before Dawn. Q&A with co-writer and director Derek Lukosius, another major young talent. Watch trailer

4:00 Art of Obsession (Psychological Horror, CAN, 85m) New York State Premiere! After fame abandons him in an apathetic existence of misery and self loathing, a writer’s infatuation with his “muse” becomes a dangerous obsession. Writer-director Ryan M. Andrews (Sick) returns to Buffalo Dreams with this stylish and unnerving thriller starring Ry Barett, who also co-stars in Black Fawn’s The Heretics. Q&A with Ryan M. Andrews, Ry Barrett and more.

Sunday, Nov. 12th – UK Fantasy, Horror/Paranormal

12 pm – Borley Rectory (Animated Paranormal Docudrama, UK, 71m) An animated documentary chronicling what came to be known as “The most haunted house in England.” A true cinematic achievement. Western New York Premiere! Still (Horror, UK, 7m). Watch trailer

1:45 pm: The Gatehouse (Dark Fantasy, UK, 96m) East Coast Premiere! 10-year-old Eternity lives in a haunted Gatehouse at the edge of an ancient forest. One day she digs up something she shouldn’t, and the forest wants it back. What follows is a dangerous battle with an ancient force from a forgotten world. Possible Q&A with writer-director Martin Gooch. Paul freeman from Raiders of the Lost Ark is in the cast. Watch trailer

4:00 pm Charismata (Thriller, UK 97m) Engaging in a cat-and-mouse game with an elusive killer while battling sexism in the London police department, a female detective’s grasp on reality spirals out of control, leading to a terrifying climax in which she must fight for her sanity, her life, and possibly her soul. Imagine Prime Suspect directed by Roman Polanski. Possible Q&A. Watch trailer

6:30 pm Dogged (Horror, UK, 1 hr 57m) Our Closing Night Film is a contemporary take on the themes of Robin Hardy’s classic The Wicker Man, centered on pagan rituals on a secluded island. Q&A with writer-director Richard Rowntree.
Watch trailer

Additional details are coming soon